This Little Piggy

My Christmas Thank You Cards (stamp set from Bluebird Stamps).

Is it just me or is January a hard month to get through? In my last blog I mentioned how I would briefly talk about enzymes, but I think I need to set a pretense that my animal of expertise is pigs (even though I have been a nutritionist for a wide array of animals from cows to frogs in my career). If you took a tour of my house or office you would find brightly colored paintings and other décor with pigs, cows, and other farm animals. Thus, it’s hard for me to say no to a stamp set with pigs or cows. 

I am showcasing this stamp set today because I had to make up 10 Christmas Thank You Cards, as I try to express my gratitude to everyone that spoils my son Arthur. Also, Arthur has been waiting for enough snow to go sledding again, but we live in Arkansas and have no planned trips this winter to the grandparents up north.

Several people have different ways when they design and mass produce cards. This time I took the approach to stamp several pigs and barns in Momento Black Ink. Then I colored the pigs with Copic Skin Tone Markers and then the scarves and barn were colored using my Stampin Blends (Cherry Cobbler and Night of Navy). To me Cherry Cobbler is my favorite color for barns and farm type cards. But because I wanted some brightness to the card with the white snow hills I used Real Red Cardstock for my layers. I have an edge die in my stash from Heartfelt Creations that does not cut but added the dashes and then I very carefully cut the hills out. The top hill was using an edgelit die that is retired from Stampin Up. I used Shaded Spruce and Mossy Meadow inks to blend over the pine trees. 

To assemble the card, I used foam tape and dimensionals to place the pieces together. But wait what about the night sky? I normally blend my skies but because I needed to mass produce 10 cards in a hurry I found some galaxy paper at Hobby Lobby and it saved me a lot of time to use the paper vs. blending all the skies. That is another reason I chose to mat in Real Red Cardstock because the paper is quite thin for being the base layer. The last part is that I felt I needed a path or snow drift of showing how the pig got down to the bottom of the hills, so I used my snow drift stamp out of Snow Front in smoky slate ink to outline a path from the barn. 

The dies that come with the pig stamp set actually cut the arms lose to hold different items. I plan to try and use my remaining leftover pigs to make Valentine Cards and a “Just a Note” type of card with the pig with the blue scarf caring letters. I will try to post pictures of these cards when I get a chance to make them.

I love the ability to have the pigs hold or carry something. I am planning on using a heart for Valentines Day Cards and mail for an everyday card.

What do you know about pigs?

  1. Pigs are really not pink (and I tend not color my pigs pink but to their natural colors). The pig above is Ruby. She is a commercial crossbred pig. Pigs are white, black, red, blueish grey, spotted, striped or belted, and all sorts of other fun patterns. Durocs or red pigs are my favorite. Thus, Ruby is one of my special pigs….and she is the boss hog of the pen! 
  2. Pigs cannot sweat. This is why they seem to be notorious to play in the mud, but it’s actually a cooling mechanism. They are actually very clean animals and prefer a swimming pool or sprinklers over a mud hole. They are one of the only livestock species that have what is called a natural dunging pattern (A.K.A. bathroom area). They do not like to go to the bathroom where they sleep or eat. If you see pigs laying in the feces, then us humans have really messed up on ventilation or other facility issues. 
  3. Pigs were the first supply of insulin for humans. That’s why the American Diabetes Association honors the pig with their Kiss A Pig Fundraisers. That was one of my favorite things to participate in. Everyone in fancy gowns and tuxedos wanting to hold and pet a pig. But what you may not know is that pigs are great models for human medicine. I have supplied pigs for heart valve research for humans and I have been involved in a lot of nutritional work for neonatal nutrition (babies). 

If you want to know more about pigs…. comment below or email me at I hope you don’t mind my little bit of science into crafting, but it’ not fair if I do not share all my passions with you. Next up what does bread, beer, and animal feed have in common…. yeast and enzymes….and then maybe what you can get if you use different yeasts and enzymes when feeding deer…. with Hero Arts Staggering Beauty (December 2019 release).

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